Montag, 24. Juni 2013


So, in summary, a trip from Amsterdam to Köln supposedly only take one direct train. However, due to me not bringing the ticket, we had to get of in Arnshem. After faced with the choice of paying 80-90+ euro, we chose to take the risk to get on another train to just get to Germany first, and then get a Schones Wochenende Ticket to Köln. That way it will be cheaper.

From Arnshem, we stopped at the next stop, Oberhausen, which is in Germany already. Well, surprise! All the ticket machines are down and don't accept cash, and it rejects our cards as well. And the DB office is closed already. Great. Now we have a legitimate reason of not getting a ticket -_- So we took another train, this time we stopped at Duisburg to change to another train that leads to Köln. As luck have it, we weren't checked for tickets at all during all these trips.

So that's how in the end we took 5 hours and 4 trains instead of 3 hours and 1 train XP

Met my brother for lunch earlier today. Went to the same place my family dined at last time, and the same waiter attended to us, haha.

Saw my love lock again :3 It's been on the bridge for one year now. Went around a bit and then got really, really drowsy -.- So we went back to the hostel and slept like pigs haha. Went out again at night, got currywurst, checked train schedule to Baden-Baden for tomorrow, and Nazi Dokumentation Museum opening hours. As with many museums in Germany, they will be closed every Monday. Dang.

Oh well! Off to rest the remaining jet lag off!


Update on Holiday

What I wrote on my flight to Amsterdam from Helsinki:

Hello, it's me again XD I think being alone makes me write a lot. That's probably how i sustained a regular blog during secondary school days: no boyfriend haha. Well I'll be meeting him soon, so we'll see after that.

I need stickers! I'm making a mini postcard scrapbook for Charlotte, but honestly it needs a lot of work before it can look nice. So for now I'm just doing all the write up and leaving the decorating part till later.

This flight from Helsinki to Amsterdam is supposedly 2.5 hours, and I slept the first 1.5 hours of it. Now I'm just typing on my tablet up in the sky. Maybe I'll post this to my blog later (:

The 1.5 hour nap made me a bit calmer. More zen now lol. But my right arm feels like it's gna drop off -.- must be some funny sleeping position. Actually now that I recall it, during my 6 hour sleep I think I almost leaned on my neighbour's shoulder LOL I think he was trying to move away but I was 3/4 asleep so I'm not sure. But seriously, without my travel pillow it's a bit uncomfortable, and this big guy's shoulders are just at the right height and it was so thick. Lol.

I should probably continue reading my book. It's taken so long haha it's way thicker than I thought but it's interesting nonetheless. Google Carly Fleischmann and you'll see why I say it's interesting. I'm reading a book her dad and she had co-written.

Kk til later!


And then...a little update from Cologne last night:

So my flight left Singapore at 11.35pm Singapore time. I will finally reach Germany at 2am Singapore time 2 days after that, haha. Still shorter than last time, when my family's flight from Abu Dhabi got delayed by 24 hours -.- But today was a long day, haha. In fact, it still felt like yesterday, so it's like two days converge into one super long day.

Amsterdam was fun :D I think it's an M18/R21 city in Singapore movie term :p The weather was cloudy and drizzly, and the canals were brown :( I didn't catch Amsterdam on its prettier days, but well, I wasn't looking good after my long flights too, so we're even.

This is really stupid, but I left the train ticket from Amsterdam to Köln in my room in Singapore O_O We decided to get on anyway, with an electronic copy of the ticket in my tablet. We weren't fined the first time around, just asked to leave the train and buy tickets and catch the next one. So, 2 hours after that, we are now on the next train, still without proper tickets cos it's gna cost us 93 euro compared to the 65 euro the onboard conductor said -_- so, at most we would get caught again and pay like 30 euro less than if we buy proper tickets lor.

I can't wait until we get to the hostel in Köln. Missing a proper bed too much haha. And a hot shower. Geez. And my boyfriend smells like a hobo. Now hobo has a hobin :3 But hobin refuses to be a hobin and wants to be a princess lol.

Your nonsense princess,

Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

Hallo! Ok, I shall use English. You know what, this shall be a bilingual blog XD Anyway, I'm in Vantaa Airport now. Too bad I don't have the time to see Helsinki, as I have only 1.5 hours before my next flight In fact, by right I should be boarding in 3 minutes' time, so let's hurry this post up!

The flight was quite uneventful. I slept before taxi -_- so that's even before take off, haha and I only wake up shortly before dinner was served. Then I read more of Carly's Voice, a book I have yet to finish. I typed out my feelings a bit in my private diary, and then I slept again for about 6 hours until breakfast was served XD

I saw this little girl, about 6-7, and her mother talks to her in Finnish, and yet when I warned her that her apple juice is going to topple, in English, she understands. Impressive! Haha.

Oh well. That's it for now!

I'm feeling uneasy, still. But I hope this will go away soon. Think Buddhaaa less attachment to things, to feelings.