Montag, 24. Juni 2013


So, in summary, a trip from Amsterdam to Köln supposedly only take one direct train. However, due to me not bringing the ticket, we had to get of in Arnshem. After faced with the choice of paying 80-90+ euro, we chose to take the risk to get on another train to just get to Germany first, and then get a Schones Wochenende Ticket to Köln. That way it will be cheaper.

From Arnshem, we stopped at the next stop, Oberhausen, which is in Germany already. Well, surprise! All the ticket machines are down and don't accept cash, and it rejects our cards as well. And the DB office is closed already. Great. Now we have a legitimate reason of not getting a ticket -_- So we took another train, this time we stopped at Duisburg to change to another train that leads to Köln. As luck have it, we weren't checked for tickets at all during all these trips.

So that's how in the end we took 5 hours and 4 trains instead of 3 hours and 1 train XP

Met my brother for lunch earlier today. Went to the same place my family dined at last time, and the same waiter attended to us, haha.

Saw my love lock again :3 It's been on the bridge for one year now. Went around a bit and then got really, really drowsy -.- So we went back to the hostel and slept like pigs haha. Went out again at night, got currywurst, checked train schedule to Baden-Baden for tomorrow, and Nazi Dokumentation Museum opening hours. As with many museums in Germany, they will be closed every Monday. Dang.

Oh well! Off to rest the remaining jet lag off!


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